New Leadership Delivering Results for Our County

I believe that local government works best when it is transparent, purposeful, and strategic. We need more of all three in Monroe County and that is why I am running for the 11th District seat in the Monroe County Legislature.


I grew up in a house that understood and believed in the values of hard work and sacrifice for others. I learned from an early age that quality education, a compassionate and committed community, for both individuals and businesses, and equal access to opportunity are the only way forward – and it is my belief that Monroe County is ready to move forward.


I was born and raised in Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo. I attended public schools in the Sweet Home school district and after graduation left for college in Boston. After graduating from Boston University, I started my career as a special education teacher in Baltimore, before heading back to the University at Buffalo for my Ed.M. I worked in educational fundraising for the next 5 years at two incredible local institutions. Looking for a new adventure and opportunity, I began my current role for a fantastic Commercial Real Estate firm in Rochester.


I am lucky to call Perinton, NY my home. My wife, Rachel, and I chose this community over 6 years ago and are grateful for the experiences we have had. We have two young children, a daughter, Riley, and a son, Jackson, who we look forward to raising in Perinton. When we aren’t working, advocating, or changing diapers, we like enjoy all that Monroe County has to offer – the trails along the Canal, the Strong Museum and Seneca Park Zoo, the breweries and restaurants across the County, and everything else in between. 



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