It’s time for local representatives to truly represent our community – I am running because I want to fight for you and make government work for everyone. That means:

Honest Budgets and Controlled Spending

I believe local government works best when it is transparent, strategic and thoughtful. It succeeds when it produces honest, straight forward budgets that address the major concerns of the region and removes bloat and special interest spending.

In my day job, I am a fiduciary responsible for peoples hard earned dollars, I will do the same with your tax dollars – ensuring they are used properly, and in a sustainable, productive and efficient manner. You shouldn't have to question what your tax dollars are doing for you.


We deserve this from our county leaders, and I will work every day to bring this mindset to Monroe County government.

Growing Jobs and Helping Small Business

 We must support entrepreneurs and small businesses with deep roots in our community, many of whom have been decimated during COVID-19. We cannot pay lip service to the great workers in our County, but must act with real support.

I will work to create a strategic plan that fully embraces growth in Monroe County. One that exists to grow great small business that create and retain jobs locally, not one that hands out tax breaks without a plan to assess success. 


With our outstanding natural resources, highly educated workforce, affordable housing and lower cost of living, and great schools, our community should be the place for entrepreneurs to build and grow their business. Its time we had a local government who made this a true priority. 

Protecting our Environment

Fighting for our Children and Families

Our community's quality of life is directly affected by our environment . I support policies that ensure a sustainable, healthy environment where all people have access to clean air, safe drinking water and healthy natural surroundings.


I will fight to hold Waste Management responsible for the negative impact the High Acres landfill has had on the Perinton community, and work with partners in government to create a comprehensive plan that will stop the trash trains from New York City and create a sustainable waste management solution.

We deserve government officials who work for us, not against - I will stand up for all of us to protect our town, county and environment.

Our children are our future. I will fight to make sure that we are fully funding Early Intervention, Child Care and Child Protective services. I will advocate on our behalf to ensure the state is doing the same. It is not enough to do the minimum,


We must ensure that every child and family has a chance to be successful, no matter who they know or where they are. This is the real way we create stronger families in Monroe County.

We all deserve the services and policies that give our children and families the chance to lead successful lives – every decision I make will be with you and your family in mind.